Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons
Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons

Online Course: Trees in Four Seasons

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Have you always wanted to learn to paint landscapes? Now is the time to start!

This is a four-part, beginner-friendly, self-paced, online painting course. You’ll discover how painting works - I’ll teach you simple tricks for making a piece look convincing, dynamic, artsy, energetic, even if you are a 100% novice, you are going to proud to hang your work on the wall - and anyone will look at it and assume you purchased it from a professional. You will shock yourself at how easy and enjoyable it is to make beautiful creations with your own two hands.

  • Winter. It’s all about getting comfortable with materials and textures.
  • Spring. We’ll add on top of the winter tree trunks and learn the essentials of perspective, light and shadow.
  • Summer. This is when we make the shift from decorative objects into meaningful works of art, creating with intention and integrity. Bring some gloves - it’s going to get messy!
  • Autumn. We wrap up the growing seasons and everything explodes into a hurricane of color and collage and you won’t be able to stop yourself from making 100 more.


    How does this work?
    Within 2 minutes of your purchase, you will receive a PDF by email with links and passwords to any available videos (Note, not all four sessions will be available until the end of March (see schedule above)

    Please note: You will need an updated PDF reader to open the PDF with your links and login information. This is standard software on most computers but if you are trying to open the PDF on an Ipad, Kindle Fire, or tablet, you may have trouble. NO WORRIES. If your device cannot open the automated PDF, I'll send you the information the old fashioned way - just email me and I will scoop out your text and email you directly. This is no biggie, and I'll always try to respond quickly, but I might not see your email for a few hours so sit tight. Cool? Cool.)

    What materials are required?
    Each of the four sessions is slightly different and we'll review material options at the beginning of each class. There is no set list of required materials. That said, if you are working on a budget, I suggest a pad of watercolor paper (no smaller than 11x14), a handful of acrylic paints, matte medium, and a couple of natural bristle brushes. The whole class revolves around two brushes, both can be purchased for under $1. I'll also demonstrate texture-building with a variety of household items like plastic bags, old photos, cardboard, etc..

    Will my child enjoy this class? 
    This class is not aimed at children, but I have taught it to children in person and they turn out terrific results! This method involves multiple layers which requires some drying time, so you may find it works best when spread out over multiple sessions. 

    How long will I have access to the class?
    At least one year. Probably more. I'm tempted to say "forever," but I might decide to put out something better in a few years, or change the host platform. So let's promise a year and take it from there.

    Can I share the class with my friends and family?
    I kindly request you keep this purchase to yourself and/or members of your household. Yes, IP addresses can be tied to each transaction, and while I don't really want to spend time back-tracking this sort of stuff, if the links are overshared or made public, I can remove your access. Please help support your fellow artist by encouraging others to purchase the class on their own. Thank you!

    Will you have a private Facebook group or blog for questions, comments, or sharing our work?
    Yes! You'll get the link when you sign up. 




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