Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms
Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms

Online Painting Course: Leader Blooms


THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Thank you to everyone who took part! Check out the hashtag #leaderblooms to see what people are painting! 




Have you ever wanted to paint flowers but thought it was too intimidating? Have you ever said to someone else, "I can barely draw a stick figure."?Have you ever looked at your artwork and wondered how you could make it look more exciting?


Leader Blooms is a companion course for my other online painting class The Secret Garden, but you can take either one first. The only things you will need for this class is some acrylic paint, heavy paper, and an open mind!

This class includes 16 videos and more than five hours of footage spread over two sessions, including 10 different flower and tips for painting simple still-life images. With over four hours of video, you are bound to come away with a new understanding of flowers, botanicals, and the world at large!


  • Recommended Materials
  • Vases and Vessels
  • Chaos Layer (How to Create Interesting Abstract Backgrounds)
  • Tulips
  • Stalk Flowers
  • Daisies
  • Mums
  • Hydrangeas


  • Irises
  • Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Poppies
  • Orchids
  • Building Bouquets (how to incorporate leader flowers into larger bouquets - similar to my Secret Garden class)
  • DIY Drying Rack (You'll need a place to let your work hang out while it dries!)
  • Frames, Mats, and Finishing Off Your Work

You'll also receive access to a private Facebook group where students can post their work, ask questions, and gather feedback. A number of former students have traded their work, and some have even started selling online. As an artist, having a readymade community of people who want to see you succeed is hard to find - I am delighted that so many of my students have built this special place on the internet. 

Do I need any sort of special materials? 
I go over this in detail in the class, but essentially, the only thing you need is heavy paper and a few tubes of acrylic paint. We'll review the differences between certain kinds of paint and substrates, how to use pastels and pencils, shadow and light...etc.. But I designed this class to be inclusive to beginners and folks on a budget. I'll show you some of my favorite products along the way, but there is no need to blow your wallet on a lengthy list of supplies. 

Is this course for children?
This course is for everyone. Children tend to like this class because it involves being messy and following simple outline shapes, but that also lends itself to adults of all skill levels too. 

Can I get a preview of one of the classes?
Sure can! 

Below is an Instagram video of irises painted by Leader Blooms students, many of whom report zero-to-little painting experience prior to watching these videos. 


 My favorite part in teaching these classes is seeing students evolve and literally bloom into artists. This class is one of my favorites to teach in person and I'm delighted to bring it to you online! 





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