Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake
Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake
Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake
Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake
Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake

Not-So-Black Sheep, Chocolate Milkshake

The term "black sheep" has come to symbolize a person who doesn't belong. Someone who doesn't fit in, either by circumstance or choice. It's not a kind description, and yet, so many of us come to understand the black sheep in our lives as the best, brightest, and sparkliest people we know. Some of us are black sheep and have only recently come to recognize it as a gift. Who wants boring beige and white sheep anyway? Why can't we be green sheep? Or pink sheep? Or glitzy magenta polka dot sheep?

It's the artist’s job is to document what can’t be seen by any camera or the naked eye. That’s what these are about. I can’t paint what it is to be weird or rejected, and I don’t really have interest in that anyway…. But I can paint the beauty and potential that lives inside a person, bursting with color and possibility, even in the darkest of times. These not-so-black sheep are some of my most personal work and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to think they will live on your tree, or hang in your home in the year ahead!

- Every sheep is 5"x 5"x.75" on an artist-grade cotton canvas using archival paint and varnish. These sheep are made to last for generations!

Every readymade sheep ornament is different and chosen at random within the collection. The sheep are already wrapped and ready to mail (read: no requests for specific names or color shades, sorry!). 

- Every sheep in the Chocolate Milkshake collection comes in shades of pale creamy brown. Each one is a bit different!

Every sheep is named after a real black sheep - someone who didn't fit in. These names are written on the side of each canvas. And while I do not sell sheep to anyone on account of their names, I believe they are not assigned entirely at random. I cannot tell you how often recipients report back that they received the name they needed, not the name they wanted. 

Every sheep comes with a black and white striped grosgrain ribbon. Don't want the ribbon and just see it hanging flat on the wall? No problem. Give it a few firm twists and the ribbon will unscrew. The canvas will easily hang on any standard nail. 

Because every artwork is different, your ornament will be a surprise. This is limited run and custom requests are not available at this time. 

Merry Christmas to all!



- Domestic orders will be shipped via UPS and will most often be delivered within a week of purchase, but this is a busy time for UPS and stuff happens. If you need a guaranteed delivery date, this item is not for you. International shipping is not available at this time, sorry friends!

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