SURPRISE ME! Owl Ornaments on Canvas

SURPRISE ME! Owl Ornaments on Canvas

The "Surprise Me!" owl collection is for folks who *do not care* for a particular color. While making this last batch of owls, I experimented with paint colors and a lot of one-off owls came to the party....great, but not enough to warrant a larger group. There's one that leans blueish lavender, one pinkish lavender...two butter celery green. You get the idea. Do not order this item if you have your heart set on any particular color way. THIS IS FOR FOLKS WHO LIVE ON THE EDGE.

Before you place your order for a readymade owl ornament, PLEASE READ BELOW. 

- Every readymade owl is 4"x6"x.75" on an artist-grade cotton canvas using archival paint and varnish. These owls are made to last for generations!

- Every readymade owl ornament is different and chosen at random within the collection. The owls are already wrapped and ready to mail (read: no requests for specific colors or names, sorry!). 

- Every readymade owl is named after a favorite teacher. These names were given by me or my friends (in person or on instagram) and are written on the back. 

-Every owl comes with a black and white stripe grosgrain ribbon. Don't want the ribbon and just see it hanging flat on the wall? No problem. Give it a few firm twists and the ribbon will unscrew. The canvas will easily hang on any standard nail. 

Because every owl is different, your ornament will be a surprise. If you want to pick out a specific ornament, you'll need to come to the gallery in person. Or order a customized work. 

Merry Christmas!



YOU WILL HAVE THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I will start shipping the minute this link goes live - they are wrapped and ready to go! I am a one man band so it will take a couple days for everything to get out, and the post office can be difficult to predict, but my aim is to have all orders within one week of purchase, if not sooner!

Use promo code FREE50 for free shipping on owl orders over $50. 

Want to save the postage and pick it up in person? Use promo code LOCAL and shipping costs will be waived. Note, gallery hours in December are Thu, Fri, Sat, 11:30 - 4:30. Owls must be picked up before December 31. 


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