Jeanette is a competitive sort of chicken. She spends her weekends driving across Oklahoma hitting garage sales, bargain hunting, and looking for secret treasure. Says it makes her feel like a pirate. Her favorite treasure? Vintage brooches. Rhinestones and crystals, mostly, but she’ll grab the resin and plastic pieces too. Anything shiny. She rarely wears them but they make her feel sparkly. She’s Oklahoma’s sparkliest chicken pirate. One time, just after her husband died and she wasn’t feeling so good, Jeanette pinned her entire collection of brooches to her sweater and went to the store for a box of white wine. Everyone looked at her funny, but it wasn’t because of the brooches. It was the wine.

Materials: Mixed media painted collage; acrylic paint, ink, 24k gold leaf, archival glue, gel medium, birch board. Will not require a frame, ready to go!

If you are looking at this and thinking the sparkles will shed, rest assured, it won't. It's sealed in.  

Size: Artwork 11"x 14"

Delivery: Ships Priority Mail. If mailing within US, it'll be there in time for Christmas!

Copyright: Original art becomes property of buyer, seller retains all reproduction rights unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in advance of purchase.