Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden
Online Course: The Secret Garden

Online Course: The Secret Garden

Welcome to The Secret Garden! In this class we will create a variety of floral still-life scenes, covering everything from classical painting techniques to newer, more modern, and occasionally down-right weird methods of making art. It'll be wall-to-wall flowers and it’s going to be so much fun!

The course will be self-guided through three-part series of videos.

  • Session 1: Composition. We learn how to make a basic bouquet, grounding it in the most ideal location for visual success. 
  • Session 2: Stroke. We learn how to elevate our brushwork, infusing intention and energy into every stroke. 
  • Session 3: Color. We learn multiple no-fail techniques for building a diverse palette, using both classical instruments like the color wheel, as well as some of my favorite apps (everyone loves that last part!). 

Each session will go through three separate paintings, so, if you follow along, by the end you will walk away with nine finished paintings, or more!

How does this work?
Within 2 minutes of your purchase, you will receive a PDF by email with links and password access to Sessions 1-3. I *strongly* suggest spreading them out over the course of a few weeks (with over three hours of videos, you'll have enough to keep busy for a while!) but you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Please note: You will need a PDF reader to open the PDF with your links and login information. This is standard software on most computers but some tablets or smartphones may not have it. If your device cannot open the automated PDF, just email me and I will scoop out your text and email you directly. This is no biggie, but I might not see your email for a few hours so sit tight. 

Is this easy to follow along?
Yes. Hundreds of people have now taken this class and the ones who like it most are usually the folks who have not painted in many years. You can read the reviews below and see that artists from all levels of experience have learned some new tricks from this class. This is why I called it the Secret Garden - there is something new for everyone.  

Will my child enjoy this class? 
This class is not aimed at children, but many students have reported doing it with young children and have had a great time. One of the stages of my process is called 'the chaos layer' and involves making energetic abstracts - little ones LOVE helping with this part. If you have an older child who is more patient, I think they will enjoy it too! The photo below is of one of my students, Molly, who entered her Secret Garden work into a local arts fair. Isn't that awesome?


The before/after photo below is from Kristin, who is in her 30s, but had little experience painting before. "

“My only prior painting experience was limited to paint-by-numbers. This class changed my entire perspective on art. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you so much!” - Kristin


Please understand, this is not a stroke-by-stroke class. I am not teaching you to copy a single image; I am teaching you a time-tested recipe for building an infinite variety of floral artwork. Beginners and seasoned artists will both learn something new! 

Every session will also include a grab bag of tips, tricks, resources, and individual exercises to improve art making and your ability to see, hear, and appreciate art made by others. I have so many secrets to share!

What materials will I need?
Each session will involve slightly different materials as I guide you onward and upward through the art making process. However, if you have access to acrylic paint, brushes, and something to paint on, you'll do just fine. The only thing you will absolutely need is a computer/tablet/smart phone device that can view high resolution videos and open a PDF (the PDF is where you'll get your login links and passwords). 

How long will I have access to the class?
One year. Probably more. Hosting platforms become outdated and expensive so I cannot promise anything forever, but one year is more than ample time to take the course. 

Can I share the class with my friends and family?
I kindly request you keep this purchase to yourself and/or members of your household. Yes, IP addresses can be tied to each transaction, and while I don't really want to spend time back-tracking this sort of stuff, if the links are overshared or made public, I can remove your access. Please help support your fellow artist by encouraging others to purchase the class on their own. Thank you!

Will you have a private Facebook group or blog for questions, comments, or sharing our work?
Yes! You'll get the link when you sign up. There are over 150 members to-date, all of whom are happy to share work, tips, tricks and techniques. I have already learned so much from them. We are happy to welcome you!




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