Online Course: The Secret Garden

Online Course: The Secret Garden

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I’m excited to announce early registration for my new online course, The Secret Garden! In this class we will create a variety of floral still-life scenes, covering everything from classical painting techniques to newer, more modern, and occasionally down-right weird methods of making art. It'll be wall-to-wall flowers and it’s going to be so much FUN I can’t stand it!

The course will be self-guided through three-part series of videos released over three weeks. Each session will cover one core method demonstrated over three individual pieces. If you follow along each week, at the end of three weeks, you will have nine (or more) complete paintings.


Session One; Composition; Trailer from Amanda Evanston on Vimeo.

The link to the videos will be emailed to you directly on the following days;

  • Friday, September 8, 2017 Session One; Composition. (An email with link/login information will automatically be sent to your inbox upon purchase). 
  • Friday, September 15, 2017 Session Two; Stroke. 
  • Friday, September 22, 2017 Session Three; Color.

Every session will also include a grab bag of tips, tricks, resources, and individual exercises to improve art making and your ability to see, hear, and appreciate art made by others. My art garden has so many secrets to share! 

Can I sign up later? What if I'm busy right now?
You can take the class anytime in 2017. However, as the sessions roll out in September 2017, there will be something of an online community of folks sharing their work, ideas, questions, methods, etc. If you wold like to join in the fun, sign up sooner rather than later. Any available sessions will immediately go to your inbox so you wont fall behind.

How long will I have access to the class?

At least one year. Probably more. I'm tempted to say forever, but I might decide to put out something better in a few years, or change the host platform. So let's promise a year and take it from there.

Can I share the class with my friends and family?
I kindly request you keep this purchase to yourself and/or members of your household. Yes, IP addresses can be tied to each transaction, and while I don't really want to spend time back-tracking this sort of stuff, if the links are overshared or made public, I can remove your access. Please help support your fellow artist by encouraging others to purchase the class on their own. Thank you!

Will you have a private Facebook group or blog for questions, comments, or sharing our work?
Yes! You'll get the link when you sign up!