Workshop: Peonies on Parade

Workshop: Peonies on Parade

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 4-6:30 PM

Location: Amanda Evanston Freund Studio and Gallery
1310A Chicago Ave, Evanston IL 60201

The sun is out, the garden is in bloom, and peony season is here! What is more splendid as a big fat fluffy peony? TWO PEONIES. Maybe three. Maybe five. Hard to say, because you can paint as many as you want. This is not a stroke-by-stroke follow-the-teacher class. This is me showing you two rock solid formulas for creating a gorgeous painted peony and a simple glass vessel. Once you know how to paint one, you'll have the ability to paint as many as you like. Alter the petals slightly an it's a rose...alter the bottle and it's a vase. WHO KNOWS WHERE THE PARADE WILL GO?

Hope to see you there!

Space is limited. No place-holding reservations, please. 

- Wear paint-friendly clothing.

- Please arrive on time or slightly early: 1310A Chicago Ave, Evanston Illinois, 60201. 

- Champagne and snacks will be served. 

What about kids? These classes take place in a working art studio. There are many items in here that are sharp, wet, and/or poisonous. For their safety, and my insurance guy’s sanity, I kindly request children stay out of the studio area unless specifically invited. Children are always welcome in the front gallery area, and there will be occasional children’s art workshops in the future. In the meantime, I'm happy to recommend any of the many places in Evanston already offering art courses for young artists. Thank you for understanding!